We Finally Surpassed the First Challenge

*Well, um…I actually posted this so-called “life story” on Facebook and some blog sites I own. This is actually an important ingredient in my previous blog but I rarely use it now due to a 2-year hiatus between me and my forgotten password to my previous blog. Anyway, this is an old portfolio from my first year high school days and back then, I was an overemotional person with not-so-great sentiments. Besides, Imma ’bout to graduate…that’s typically next year.*

A year before I am freshman, I asked myself : “What would high school be like? Will I fit in with my brand new set of classmates? Will I gain more experience and learn from my mistakes?”

As I entered the blue gates of my new institution, Cebu City National Science High School,  it led me to different brand new obstacles. Walking over the road of sand and gravel that led me to another day to absorb another wad of mountainous homeworks somehow achieved my standards to enter a new set of challenges. Frankly, I’m not surprised of the burden I carry throughout the ten months of unstoppable training and experience since the day I left my beloved almameter leading myself to another world of hardships and trials.

As I travel through the brand new challenges, I surmised that I am only trained to be the best. However, I was wrong about what I inferred this institution would be. I not only gained knowledge but I gained camaraderies, some technical problems with society, and most of all leadership in which I could share with the rest of the world. It was hard though however it helped me improve my personality.

After ten months of carrying the burden, I figured that it is best to stay connected with people whom you are treated well for they are the instruments to make you successful in life. Which is why I’d like to thank you for being there in this first step that I was able to climb up.

To my parents, thank you for your undying love and support toward me. I may fail you a lot of times but you never turned away from me. Despite all your hardtimes and overnight shifts you have sacrificed, you made me realize why you will never miss any reports, paperworks, highlights, and summaries just to let me achieve this. You never failed to care for me when I somehow thought that all the time, you are always busy.

To my beloved adviser, Mrs. Daisy P. Sejadas, thank you for your guidance towards us and making you our second mother. Despite all of the terrible happenings that we did to you, you never failed to forget us and you showed me how to become a disciplinarian.

To my beloved section, I-EARTH, thank you so much for all of the good and bad times that we cherished. It was mind-blowing however it was fun. I will never forget all the “sumthins”, “anyways”, and the “if-i-knows” that we collected and the PATOL sign that we shared (even though forbidden na sya..anyway). I will never forget the “pang libre ha” especially to Ms. Jinnel B. Dela Fuente (special mention pa ha? yeah), thank you for the libre2x-ing (bsan wa pa ko kabayad sa akung utang nmo hahaha). And thank you for the wonderful camaraderie that we built throughout our year-stay in Sci-hi. I will never forget you even if we will be looking forward to another year in Sci-hi. We can do this together!

*To those who needs my apology, sorry for the times that I failed to do right for I am stupid and careless. I am also sorry for making you hate me for what I have done. I know that this sorry cannot bring back what I have done to you.

And most of all, to GOD! Even though I am not that dedicated to Him through simply reading a chapter a day due to all the homeworks that I used to just pass out the time, He never failed to let me learn how to love my enemies and also to do what I do for His glory. It wasn’t that hard because of His unconditional love towards us.

As I finally say my goodbyes and farewells to each of my classmates, I am looking forward to another fruitful year that we will be sharing by this June. Especially to I-Earth, our friendship never stops at April 11, 2011 but it will still be a budding relationship among us along with other new friends to join our camaraderie.

Enjoy is what I get from the word journey. Yes, it was an enjoyable journey among us yet we still have to set sail for the next island: to become a sophomore. As we face another set of challenges, may we never forget that God is there to always guide each one of us in our path to success. Life is an unending journey so let us make it a memorable one. Learn from your past mistakes and try to correct them by the time you level up another year in Sci-hi.

I know I’m not composed but try to understand what I want to tell you. Thank you for everything!


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