Clearly Priceless

Everything I seem to do in this world is a subtle designation of how I see life. In various shapes and sizes.

Today, I mainly encountered the most unknowing, unshackled moments in my life. One thing, I was put to misery by some people. There were a lot of things to do on my desk, and not even one I can start. As a student, I compartmentalize my activities — but it will go to the point where everything turns out to be a mess.

There were a lot of school projects and paperwork that I haven’t passed today. I was not like the ole hardworking student back then. I was completely changed by the section of students I belong to. I was a different perspective. And I realized, I made a complete fool of myself. I pray that not everything I’m doing right now is out of vain (even typing this over-dramatic post)

Today, is just an ordinary day for short. The mundane moments of how my life should be. I regret the littlest, most molecular things in life. I cry a million riverbeds which typically makes me a very pessimistic person. I sometimes regret the section I belong to.

But everything that happened — it wasn’t out of vain. It’s God’s ultimate will.

Now, back to my To-Do List.


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