Today, is yet another solemn day. Forget the sarcasm –it was rather cunning, so to speak. I was outgoing and energetic today. I should say that everything is clearly in control by God. Yesterday, well I was just too emotional. But I guess I feel uplifted, now that there will be no classes for tomorrow. But one more obstacle and I am through with my third year journey..Periodical Exams.

*This morning, my adviser/teacher/entertainer recently had the mood swings today. I was, of course, a bit frightened when I was reminded of the thing I did to embarrass him. (Let me just post a thing of what I have said about him later). He was dramatic the entire day which probably caused the late submission of projects by the people of the universe. I was one of them who had late outputs, whatsoever. But that is not the thing I’m concerned. It’s my grades.

Back to PERIODICAL EXAMS, I am really anxious of what I have to say to myself when I receive that imperfect report card of what I call mere letters (which reminded me of the activity I had in English where I have to defend that the school’s grading system should be abolished). I almost flunked Physics. Physics. That is what made my day worse yesterday and all the days of my life.

Because of this, I am having trouble with my periodical exams on Thursday. Will I clearly make it–at least to attain the letter A on my report card in Physics? I hated the subject too much that overly consumed me, and my inner peace. Because I hate it, I passed my projects late, had missing paperwork and a lot of innuendo. I am consumed by the hatred of this subject that I particularly hate what I actually do every Physics class. Sit and listen and solve. 

That not only applies to Physics. That goes well to the rest of the subjects I particularly hate, like Math.

This is the last test. I must renew myself and replenish my conscience. I must grab that Physics book and read. I must solve that die-hard problem to get the darn answer. I don’t care where my mind would take me, but all I ask from God is just to pass this exam. It’s all I wanted to just merely get an A.

*Speaking of Physics, I must do my project, pass it on Thursday, and yoohoo!


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