I just had my thought today. Why too much of a drastic change? Maybe, it’s what people intend to happen. Take for instance Miley Cyrus’ change in personality after her change in hairstyle and wardrobe. Way too much of a change, folks. Nonetheless, it’s what makes this world go round. But we have this saying that Change is the constant thing in this world. Cliché — as it seems, yes. The thing is, change is right — as long as it makes the peoples’ choice of perspective maintained (don’t bash me about this if you tend to disagree)

See, I happen to delve in to K-Pop (somehow the culture, not the mere genre). I am aware of most K-Pop groups such as Girls’ Generation, 4Minute, Super Junior, Bigbang (and so on and so forth). There is this one girl group called f(x) and there is this girl I happen to like. Somehow apart from the cutesy, kawaii, aegyo-y type of person, her attitude ranges from cool to super awesome. Amber Liu is her name, and Amber’s her defined stage name.

Despite the fact that many are bashing on the way she looked — I will totally disagree with you on that. Her everyday lifestyle ranges from super tight skinny jeans to baggy ones. But her wardrobe (and her hairstyle) when she performs becomes a variation from time to time (and it seems that her stylist’s option of clothes are changing her overall gender perspective). And it seems that most are taking her in the other way around (Actually, I’m not even sure what’s her say on this but, oh well).

Consider this photo taken in the late 2009.


Her hairstyle definitely suits her (as for my opinion) and not that much make-up, which also reminds me of one girl in whom I cannot nail my finger on. Her wardrobe, a little like today’s style. And the way she poses — simple.

Now, take a look at this recent photo.


What do you actually call this? She may be apart from the image of the other members but this is just too much. Although I’ve seen plenty of schools with girls wearing this type of uniform, but plainly, I see it in a different angle. Making her look apart from her gender too much is not a balance. Many may mistake her for a gay or something. Not that I totally hate it — it doesn’t fit her at all.

To press on with controversies between her and her attitude, yes, she can be mistaken for a guy. But nonetheless, this “change” doesn’t seem like change at all. Consider that in every concert they have, many of her fangirls would scream when she would come out (some sort of like a Justin Bieber performance) — and its pretty darn annoying to the ear drums.

So ladies and gentlefish, why consider this style when the majority is not even fond of it. If you ask me, the definition of cool is the first photo of this post. Simple as that. And that was the only picture wherein she posed in much like the other members with a different style. That is what I like best.

But then, there is nothing I could do to beg the stylists to change it back to the previous one. Come to think of it, f(x) has been degrading right after the promotions of their new song, Rum Pum Pum Pum (doesn’t even make sense because they released a Christmas-titled song in the first week of Summer). And I believe it is because of their new concept. When we think of f(x), it is a function. When one variable is changed, the result changes as well. To compare this to f(x), if one variable (Amber) changes, the impact of the group changes as well. And it is ugly for it somehow promotes weird perceptions of society (and not everyone would totally agree).

So it fires back to SM Entertainment. Just because Amber looks “handsome” doesn’t mean a huge amount of money and sales. Being cool and different is awesome. But being a total change from what you really are is not a good sight. Think about it.


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