My daily routine for a non-working holiday is simple–wake up at around 6:00 in the morning, fix my humble abode, do some necessary stuff for school the next day, eat breakfast, clean the entire house, and do all  whatnot. It was all I can do for the first quarter of my day.

I rose from my dead sleep and checked the phone time. It was 5:57 AM. I realized then that I had some stuff to do for school the next day. I arranged the sleeping quarters, went down from my deck bed and rushed my way to the computer (for I do not want to actually bombard myself with cram). There were a lot of projects to be passed tomorrow — an edited tarp infused with the mission, vision, and core values of the school for the Math room, an edited video for Spanish, and a play for Filipino. I surmised that things are to be done so as to actually keep myself out of trouble for tomorrow.

I started with the tarp. Opened Adobe Photoshop on my desktop, collected source photos, and trickled my creativity. I was 30 minutes and the layout was finished. Sent the file to my friend through Facebook. I was done with the first task.

I moved on to editing the Spanish video. I turned on my laptop, mounted the SD card, until such time I was called by my aunt to eat. I never started a thing but, oh well. It can wait. I called my sisters in and we had breakfast. Luncheon meat and rice.

Right after filling myself, I went upstairs to fix the entire second floor of the house (arrange bed, fix the ornaments, and sweep the floor). My sisters were the worst when they interfered my tasks. Anyway, I was finished. Now, back to business. I awoke my laptop from its sleep and worked on with the video. I checked my phone time, once again. It was around 8:30. Suddenly, a message came in.

“Rise and shine, Kepler irbos! xD. Haha btaw naa koy feeling nga walay kabaw c fely sa nasabut wala pa jud nako cya nesendan sa reminders kay wla koy load to other networks, please kog ingun niya sa mga stuff. Thanks nya kinsay padung ilang cebert?”

And with that text message, I was startled. Man, we have to arrange stuff for Wednesday’s play. And we haven’t had a single thing started. So, with my obnoxious mode, I prepared for everything. But at first, I ran to our bathroom to pee. Technically and literally.

I was on the toilet and this is where the magic — I mean tragic — happens.

I flushed myself until halfway, I heard some boisterous banging on the door. I thought it was some of my sisters tricks so I opened to see if some human was there to knock me off. I opened the bathroom door. At first, I thought — why on earth is there such tremendous knocking? And then I realized, the entire house was shaking. The coward in me was released and I ran towards my aunt and my sisters. “LINOG! (Earthquake!)” My aunt yelled.

It was about seven seconds (as I calculated it to be). I prayed. After some time, while the shaking slowed down, we all went outside. Terrible trauma.

We stayed on the outside borders of our home, waiting for an awkward signal to get inside. Then more came in. Aftershock after aftershock (I just said after thrice, yay). I still remembered the last thing I needed to do and that is to continue with the meeting at Cebert’s. Never did I imagine more to actually happen.

I was brave enough to continue with all the necessary stuff for tomorrow. I took my bath, fixed myself and my stuff and left home to Cebert’s house. I rode a motorcycle going to the curb of the main street. And that is where I saw more of the quake coming to life. There was a huge crack behind the mall nearest our home. Me and the driver were practically aghast (amazed for a second). I paid my fare to the driver and rode the jeepney twice. And on my way, I saw more.


And more


And more…


Didn’t I just mention more?


And some famous churches were destroyed


And malls


Technically there were a lot more than what met my eyes. I tried to pull my camera out but then I thought twice. I should probably just refrain from capturing it for it doesn’t seem to me any good. Others can do it for my sake. In my case, I do not want to traumatize myself (Credits by the way for the photographers of these photos). Dreadful.

I then received another text message

Kepler, di na lng jud ta madayun ha. Kay majority nato wala na gsugtan nya kami nga naa dri kay papaulion nsd mi

As I dropped to my final destination — school — all that I can do more productive is to check if the campus had any collateral damage. And there were. Treacherous.

I went home, sullen and tired. As I stepped foot on the doorstep, another mini-shock came in. I dismissed myself.

That my folks, is a story of chance. By any opportunity, there is nothing we may know about. The future is the only time category of which we aren’t aware of. Anytime, He can come like a thief in the night. And He just gave us a sign. So all we have to do is basically pray for one another. And remain sturdy for Him. At all times, we must lean on to Him. Some others would merely consider this tragedy a huge opportunity to finally turn back to God. Why? Is it only now that you are in need of Him? Think again. And realize.



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