Aftershock and Hoax

Aftershocks are not a problem — as long as you are not a hectic paranoid person of some sort. Yeah, I am a paranoid monkey so I induce my inner senses with some irate ambiguity. I have the heart of the anxious, yes. And somehow I cannot condone that fact.

Recently, just recently, some guy posted some sensible or should I say senseless news on the internet indicating some larger tremor than what I just posted days ago — the 7.2 shock. It may seem less than useful for you to read but to me, since I have this paranoid sense within me, I can’t help but read and post. I am too scared, so to speak.–if-it-moves-west-valley-fault-will-produce-quake-as-powerful-as-central-visayas-tremor

The above link is the “supposed” reading from PHIVOLCS predicting a stronger magnitude of 8.0. So now earthquakes can be predicted that easily and that hoax can simply spread off like virus. Ok, when I said that, I felt that I am too judgmental and to think that I am still paranoid of aftershocks.

Well nonetheless to say, Prayer is helpful. It may not actually stop the tremor but it somehow gives an upward feeling to your soul you know (if you don’t believe it — why not try it yourself). Trust in HIM. Yes, that is what I need.

Hopefully I am to go to bed to actually end all this stupid scam from “trusted” news sites. Its getting old. The world is a failure and so am I.

We may never know what’s coming ahead. Still getting that ray of hope that these shakes would stop. The earth dances the Gimme-Gimme worse than I do so its not a problem. The real catch, it kills people.

I’m tired. Terribly tired. Off to bed.


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