On a Random Note

I recently watched Ms. Janet Lim Napoles’ Senate hearing today about the issue of the tampering of the PDAF system in our country. Needless to say, I really wanted to throw the television set outside the window because I see no reason why they should initiate that hearing when she herself cannot explain stuff. And the wheel turns once more with no indicated direction.

Well, this is not what I want to talk about. Just in today, the world is painted a dark grey for an incoming storm approaches.

Here is a picture to where the storm is heading


The storm is quite a hard one. Once it touches ground, lives would be at stake. This is no kid. Few weeks ago, the earth faulted with more dancing. Recently, we had twisters and injured some ten people. And now this. The thing is, we wouldn’t know more to what is coming. Dashing at speeds of around 230 kph is no pun to laugh about.

We got everything prepared. Charged our phones and emergency lights. Bought some food. And stayed at home and prayed. I hope it would pass by soon. But I hope being prepared doesn’t mean karma. Like that UK storm forecast that felt like nothing at all. And that one storm that was supposed to hit the country was a bright and shiny day. Really, I’d better bid myself good luck with that.

Sometimes, I wanted to be a cat. Probably I would live with a very cool owner rolling on carpet. Nothing to worry about. But folks, this is the real world. And I don’t want to say I’m unfortunately human; I actually wanted to note that being human is something worth experiencing for. As I live the last days, I want to be more determined and also feel that this is no mere reverie.

Surreal at some times.

But then, we can find the answer to all these problems.

On a random note


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