Balangay…Humanay! Tuntun sa kanan, na! 

I was merely walking on my way to my classroom one mundane dusk (forgive me, I can’t recall the day) when I heard these CAT commands. These were actually some commands to signal everyone that it was another flag ceremony. Brought forth by the adjutant. 

To my dismay, these were not heard from the usual adjutant post. These were heard from somewhere. I presumed it to be in the soccer field, a vast field right across our homeroom in the Cuenco Building of the CCNSHS school grounds. I was still striding along the stones when I directed all my attention to the field. I was thinking that maybe some of the Commissioned Officers would be practicing vocals or something similar to that. I checked again. No one was there.

I placed my bag right along the corridors of the room as I arrived. I still vaguely listen to the same “chain of commands”. I double-checked the field. And again, no one was there. I also had my glimpses to the old stage in the field. No one. 

I thought, “I’m probably lunatic.” I wade off to the comfort room.


Yesterday morning, around 9:00 in the AM. We were having the usual Filipino class with an activity to go with it. Me and my friend were situated near the windows of the same room I usually stay in. We were envisioning delusions when all of a sudden.

Pasulong, kad. Wa. Wa. Wa, nan. Wa, nan. 

My friend paused. She was a Commissioned Officer of this year’s batch. I was a Non-Commissioned Officer right then (I really do feel the need to mention these since it pertains a connection). As she did, I paused as well and tuned in.

Wa. Nan. Wa. Nan.  


“Who could that be?,” she asked. It was weird and at the same time eerie. I would definitely verbatim this one out. It was strange.

I answered an I-do-not-know. Technically, I can’t decipher the tone since the elucidation of the voice was out of my vocabulary. She thought it was probably some other COs.

I then asked my other friend if he had heard the same thing. He was a boy scout. He said, he hasn’t.

There were so many instances of these strange happenings most especially in our Citizenship Advancement Training organization. Most COs and NCOs heard of these weird “commotions” so to speak. Not only heard but also seen.

As for me, I cannot see the person. Others may have. But not me.

This mystery may be an unsolved indictment but then it’ll be best if I would not bother tampering on the issue. But I will definitely investigate.


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