You may probably have that intergalactic surge of doubts and probably ask me to why I had a rather odd title for today’s entry. I just landed earth some thirty or forty minutes ago from an extrasolar planet. And I came to realize that Earth is one planet molded by the Almighty that can never replace and will never have me reconsider the notion of living in a discrete territory for the next fifty years. Why, sir? I would leave you one astonishing marginalia for that: I am particularly in awestruck wonder of the science of phenomenon. Even I cannot deduce anything that is phenomenal and no one can fathom the knowledge of the One who made it all. One of which is lightning.

Lightning is a phenomenon — more than just the massive electrostatic discharge of two distinct regions wherein one possesses the positive charge and a negative charge on the other. So to speak, an enigma discloses the philosophy of this phenomenon. The interaction of two distinct charges along the heavy billows is still in one way or another a fact that can never be proven.

Why lightning? Well, forgive me for being off-topic this time but it will be for just a sec. So, I happen to recognize this boy group called EXO (You can google it if you have the time to know more) — one of those boy groups that I dislike the most for the past two years (although [the nerve of them], some part of them made me want to explore their nature somehow). They are twelve young men. And each one signifies their stage names with an epithet to go with it. One of these men, mononymously called Chen, is my bias of this group. His epithet emblem is lightning. So, might as well let him encourage me to admire lightning, right?

Ok, back on track. I had been scouring for videos about lightning and I had had a bunch. Even I cannot fathom the idea
One of these lightning phenomenons is called the Upward Lightning Formation. The said phenomenon wasn’t proven yet but a series of theories account to its existence.


Even though many of the jury considers this as a treacherous prospect, I can’t help myself but to admire its existence as much as that of tornado formations.

Here is another fantastic representation of exotic power


Probably the ever-dynamic encore goes to this outrageous excitement. It would be your choice if you’d scream or probably gaze in awe to this wonderful addition to the wonders of the Almighty.


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