Delusional is to define of this age as the generation progresses. And specifically that includes one reason. Music. Listen to the spectrum 18-yr old people jam to nowadays. If you probably caught sight of a young lass wearing bleached jeans and a reckless shirt paired up with a messy do hanging up ear buds with the new age crap that may seem like fluid to her ears, you may conceivably say, “Where did all the good ones go?” Yes. And that may be the prison every youth jails in– the past.

Our age defines a lot of genre. Social gatherings turned overdosed night-outs in the bar where music describing party and delusional love may be the anthem secluded in that place (Perhaps not at all secluded). And pop bands. Oh, please. Those guys? They may be good-looking all right but their music — does it even make superb sense? These are some examples to define the detriment of our new age. Why does everyone seem so good about it? Individually speaking, why doesn’t even one “mature enough” bother to care to explain this situation?

I have been somewhat obsessed (but don’t categorize me into one of the guys) with music, especially those with lyrics of which I would have to decode with a dictionary of another language.  And as you may see so yourself, I’m arguing with myself. While all of the people I admire are selling themselves to nudity and the darkness, I may be deceived sometimes. I may call it “art”. But what is art when the words are not sung clear enough? Listen to David Pomeranz and compare it to Justin Bieber. Listen to Apo Hiking Society and compare it to Daniel Padilla (Is he even a singer?). Listen to FT Island and compare it to EXO. You may have seen the great difference between the music that made sense to the music that is somewhat wasteful (I’m not bashing anyone of the latter). All I’m saying is that — Music now doesn’t even give color. It’s always about the looks, looks, looks, catchy, catchy, catchy.

To be honest, the reason why I listen to songs of today in which I do not understand is because I want to discover what it actually meant. I’ll make my own reference and reflect on what they’re trying to imply. But sometimes, it gets off the boundary. Usually when I like an artist, it is because of the songs. But now, it seemed that I’m getting off my direction. I like the artist because of certain other things (i.e. funny tactics, relates to my taste, or maybe even stupid). And what do I get? Music that relays a negative impact on society. Why would we compare love to being overdosed and hospitalized? Why would we compare life to dancing all night? It’s not that no one should write songs about these but probably make some lyrics a little more abstract and a little less over the line. It really does get on my nerves when people are trying to relate everything to just partying and getting drunk. That’s what music is teaching us nowadays.

If I were to stay by the side of Amsterdam, I would reflect today’s musical sense. From Mozart to Bach to only a few artists who still made sense. I forced myself to like the artists of today but now I’m drawing a line over my favorites. From now on, I would now filter everything that I listen to. Probably I’ll try to examine myself. Music is one of the highlights in a person’s life. And its purpose is to aid people to know himself or how he should relate to it. So probably a challenge to all music enthusiasts: Be careful little ears what you hear. And to all my favorite artists: listen to your own songs and reflect.


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