Infatuation -if I may concurrently define- is a disease that will literally give you apart-from-the-ordinary hypertension. It may exist from a series of events or will sometimes exist from out of nowhere. Symptoms may be only applicable to the writer of this post and the signs may be a result of some involuntary emotional drive. The signs and symptoms are as follows:

1. Palpitation – Whenever a person you happen to admire passes by with such dignity or may even stand 5 cm away from you, your heart experiences rapid to full beats of about 90-120 times per minute. Blood may be rushing in all directions pertaining to the fast conditions of the heart, making breathing subsequently unstable.

2. Rapid loss of stamina – Because of the rapid conditions of the heart, your body may become diminutively weak and you will momentarily become pale.

3. Unstable brain activity – Sudden thoughts out of the ordinary may be the result of the neurons connected to the cardiovascular activity you are momentarily experiencing. Results such as jumping, turning red (“blushing”), and running around in circles may be the involuntary action committed by the body’s unstable move of electrons.

4. Involuntary expressing of random thoughts to others – Because of the fact that the excited electrons in your system move rapidly in such a way that you may want to express what you feel to others, your mind may be thinking of the most ways that may seem inert to you (for the last four years or so). Involuntary sharing of your feelings may be the dominant action that you will perform.

5. Loss of appetite – Your brain may channel thoughts of horror to think that the person you admire may be able to read your thoughts through your preceding actions. Because of fear, you may feel tense circulation within your intestinal portions and your gastrointestinal tract may produce more than enough gastric juices to make you feel uncomfortable and stuffed.

A diagnosis may be one or all of the following:

1. Try your best not to control what you feel. The conditions may become worse.

2. Talk to your friends – most especially the love experts – to maximize your feel space and to channel your feelings. And seek advice.

3. Never listen to love songs. Worst-case scenario, you will end up feeling defeated in the end.

4. Never assume. If it is not the right time, God has already set a place for that. Quit fantasizing (But if it can’t be helped, sustain. But it is best if you try not to.)


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