As the sun settled in and he called it a day

A tall, dark silhouette flashed along my way

The complacent, dark, and hostile cries

Troubled the waters within my eyes

A phenomenon I wished that would have never happened

Something that was one I never expected

The dark silhouette moved across the road

Submissive to its walk, its ways were what I followed

The silhouette stopped in the middle of nowhere

The blind reason to follow it was already there

Beneath the pale moonlight, something astonishing was seen

It was a human, a being of seventeen

For one, I knew I hoped it would not fade

Confusion and terror made a fair trade

The human with the shadow whom I really followed

Was one with a heart full of unknown sorrow

“Sir, if I may, please, can I talk to you?”

After that was said, the feelings were true

But he, demure and with a barrier laid

The wall between and distanced his shade

“Sir, I ask you please, if I may comprehend,

I wanted a friendship before its the end.”

The answer was a vague and distant reply

A response on which I could not imply.

I honestly wanted to make an acquaintance

With the man with his shadow, if it may be the chance.

But to that day forward, the days became weeks

To that I wished it was something I could seek.

But I cannot deny what was felt inside

It was not the shadow whom I followed behind

From that moment on, it was something I realized

It was that human who caught my eyesight


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