I hate roads.

Everyday, millions of passengers travel meter by kilometre to their designated workplaces and/or schools. And in everyday, the century dilemma never leaves the basket.


“Sikit-sikiti lang, naa pa’y duha (Move closer, there are two more seats — even though there aren’t).” That mundane expression of local jeepney drivers may seem like the norm for me as I leave university going home. That grim greed of drivers for an additional eight pesos for a certain trip may seem like the delusional decree granted by our astounding government. Not to mention greed of other passengers mimicking Tarzan right at the tail of the jeepney. And kids (other times adolescent beings). Trying to get a head start of the day asking hardly-earned money from underpaid citizens through rapping (Is that even a notable talent nowadays? — I mean look at Nicki Minaj). Such class, I must say. This one-way predicament is just one of the conceptualizations of life here in the “Queen City of the South”. Otherwise, the “Pearl of the Orient”.


A warm unsullied morning infused with carbon monoxide combustion from dreaded engines of most vehicles would probably turn into your worst morning ever. Or worst every-morning ever. As I listen to travel music on a ride to school, I don’t mind the building up of cars along the lanes (Took a lot of getting used to though). However, as I look at the timepiece, I would realize. Wow. I’m almost late for class (like what most students would say). I’d probably derp it off but deep inside — Where the hell is the origin to all this? After an hour or so, I’d ogle at the lame traffic enforcer, enforcing the traffic — as always (I mean get your dictionary). Thought it would be another reckless accident but, nah. Just that man with a neon green suit waving his hands at cars like there is no tomorrow. Just what this world needs.

Pedestrian lanes and signs.

There’s this pedestrian lane that stood out on the road to the elongated patio entrance to school. And some words like slow, down, school, and zone. If you’re a driver, you are oriented with signs, the do’s and don’ts and safety. As I strolled along the pedestrian lane, I’ve noticed cars at the speed of 180 km/s. And no wonder I became Superman for thirty seconds just to halt cars and pass through with my bare hands — literally. And they’ll yell at you for interrupting their rodeo limelight on the road for show. I thought this was a pedestrian lane.

The dilemma of the nation starts at simpleton things such as these. Rules and human rights. They’re an equilibrium for the sake of good governance and prosperity. People complain and bash the government but, though I hate the government’s system of implementing road regulatory measures, citizens themselves can’t measure what is even right. Initiative — that is what lacks in the intellect of humans in our society today. The decrees are there; why the hell do people disregard it? Where’s the discipline in all this?

Now you’re saying you hate the government. I do too. But examine yourself — are you even following the rules?


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