Recently, two significant, historical events trudged a week ago. First, the Papal visit of Pope Francis I to the Philippines and the annual Sinulog Festival. Coincidentally, they were both in the interval. Well, I ain’t Catholic and I try not to judge the practices of the people. And typically, I don’t mind however to some extent, I am concerned with what the people are trying to respond to these events. If you don’t mind though, may I rant some of my observations to satisfy this scrutiny.

Few days before Saturday, media declared the arrival of the pope – the one declared by many to be holy. Pope Francis is cool and all despite the unawareness of his nature (though I must say he’s a chemistry graduate and that’s dang awesome). And to my surprise, the abomination of hypocrisy slandered the archipelago. How the criminals of the administration transformed into desperate angels begging for mercy. How the cusses of people transformed into words of thought. How everyone suddenly became peaceful for that matter. And most importantly, how media screwed it all up.

And coincides the celebration of the “Child Jesus”. To my dismay, as I barricaded the streets, many people were devoting themselves to an image. I don’t know what Catholics are saying about this but it’s heartbreaking. Maybe to some it is the Child Jesus but it is still an image. Asking an image to do miraculous things makes one become desperate for good to come. In other words, one is referring to an image as a genie. God is never a genie. Only talking to Him for when you’re only in trouble.

We are all for a fact hypocrites. I’m not an exception. But just because someone or something whom we declare as holy comes for a visit, everyone simply manages to sugar-coat the entire environment with our so-called “faith”. It’s actually not at all bad if you are to be sensitive with the pope’s visit. It’s a little misleading though if you’re desperate for something to happen that goes with your ways (and not in accordance to God’s plans).  What I want to imply on about this is on how you live everyday. This doesn’t speak for only Catholics but also for people who have faith in Christ our Savior. You can’t practice being good for a special occasion. We must show it everyday (sounds cliche to many of us but indeed we must). James 1:22 says that we should not only be hearers of the Word but doers of it so that we do not deceive ourselves. And I repeat the word deceive. The question is: How are you living for the Lord everyday?

This, in turn, shall speak to me as well. To be honest, I sometimes neglect the Lord for my selfish concerns. I used to use God as a medium for merely granting my own specific needs. But this is a reminder for all of us that we are to be living for the Lord in just a simple word: Faith. Believing that the Lord would rescue, heal, and take care of you is a step of planting your faith. Prayer, devotion and meditation on God’s Word, and loving others cultivates it. And that’s what faith is.

We should not live for the Lord only once. We should not live for the Lord tomorrow. We should live for the Lord today.


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