Disclaimer: If you don’t share with my thoughts on this, it’s your choice to read it or leave it on the side. 

Resurrection. Defined as the coming back to life. And most of us would tandem this word with one Man – Jesus.

Jesus, in accordance to the Scriptures, rose from death on the third day. To most, it would be just a mere slice of pumpkin pie but it is more than just a tome of history.

Buzzing all over the world today is the treachery of the Kenyan University Massacre. Over a 150 people (more or less students) died due to this graveyard intention. According to some reports, the terrorists separated the Christians from the Muslims and rifled the larger percentage of the Christians in the university. Bloodshed scenarios were displayed. Truly, a disturbing picture.

Probably an inquisitive mind like yours would come to question this: “If God loved the world, why did He allow all this to happen?”

Picture this: Jesus cried out to God during his crucifixion according to the Scriptures, “My Lord, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Well, there was no verbal reply from God himself. But know this: He rose on the third day and was alive again! God’s answer was there: He was the perfect sacrifice to save all of humanity and His resurrection proved it there.

Another picture: Job, a man of reverence to God in the Old Testament. Job suffered from lesions I believe (those worms that were emerging from his body proved it so). Because of this suffering after all that was left of him, He cried out to God to answer his one reply. “Why?” In the end, God made his appearance and brought back his riches and restored his health. God’s answer was there.

We probably have all have those Why?’s or Why, God?’s in life.

The Bible says that all things work together for good. And you might say, wait — what is good in suffering and death? Where’s the good in vanquish? Seeing the two illustrations of the people in the Bible, you might get your answer.

God is working in ways that you yourself cannot see. Sometimes you can’t see the bigger picture. Persecution, trial, suffering — all these are instruments to let us practice that one thing most people forget: faith.

Christians around the world (not only in Kenya) right now are dying because of their faith in Jesus. And maybe because of this, we would be discouraged. At first glance, I would be. But look again and you’ll definitely know and find what it is to defend the God who rose from the dead and returned the riches to a righteous man.

Let’s say your friend is accused guilty of something. But you really know in your heart that he has not done something wrong because you trust him. And he said so himself that he has not done anything. Now, the attorney of the prosecutor wishes to demand and alibi from you that he has done the crime for the case to be “resolved”. And if you don’t, he’ll kill you for it. Would you rather die for the truth or live for the lie? That is the same scenario that I want to express here.

Faith is measured in this case. For me, I want to be one of those students who will die because of their faith. It takes selflessness to see the great wonders of life. For me, my life doesn’t matter anymore when I know my work is done. And this death will signify that I have a strong faith. Persecution is rampant and the Scriptures says it all.

There may be persecution in the resurrection. But there is resurrection in the persecution.

Maybe you don’t believe in the resurrection or you may not understand it for now. I wouldn’t force you to; you are given by the good Lord free will. But it is my prayer that you will find that faith in Jesus – the Man who resurrected from the grave to save us all.

Mark 16:16a – Whoever believes (in the resurrection) and is baptized will be saved.

P.S. Please do pray for peace for the people who had died for their faith. Might as well for the ones who killed them.


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