A gardener has always had his thoughts on making his flower garden the most of its beauty. He waters his chrysanthemums and tends his orchids. He arranges each row of his flowers in a single-lined hue and hums a tune to make his garden “happy”. The ambient fragrance diffusing in mid-air kept him in a pensive mood. And he has been carrying this for years.

Years seemed to be abiding until that one day. It was a fine one, yes. And the gardener was fervently tending his flowers.

But that one fine day was not the mundane.

As he tended his last, he heard a buzzing sound across the garden. The skies above him with shining sun transitioned into lonesome gray and lightning striking in all directions. The garden breeze became a monstrous whirling wind. Thunder clapping was everywhere. A tornado was at sight!

“Why now?!” He exclaimed. With his thought on his garden, he tried to uproot his chrysanthemums with one hand and the orchids in the other. The daisies, poppies, tiger lilies, and roses were hastily bundled up in his basket. He had to run away with them before the storm catches up.

And so he ran.

He ran as fast as he could. But the whirling cloud was at a distance away. He had to leave his flowers — despite the lightweight, he cannot save them all for some were already falling from his hands. He had to get away before being consumed by the gust.

And so he let his flowers go..

His dream of a “perfect garden”, vanished.

But he was still alive.

Sooner, the gusty winds vanished with the dream that he had in mind. The skies were daylight and the scorch was at its height.

He was not far away from his garden. So he went back to see the sight of what remained jumbled up in a jiffy after the whirl. He broke down and cried. “What should I do now?” He asked hopelessly.

And a light shone upon and there were seeds before him. He wasn’t sure of what those seeds were, but with his thought of making his garden again, he picked those seeds up and planted them. He watered them, and months later, his garden wasn’t like the garden that he pictured out before — it was even better!

This was just an anecdote from my head minutes after hours of receiving bad news.

I am the gardener. And God was the light.

God gives me the seeds to plant in my life. I may not know what these seeds are but when I do what needs to be done accordingly to what He has told me to do, a beautiful picture would cascade sooner.

I may not know of His plans for me in the nearer future. But I hold on to His promise in Jeremiah 29:11 – “For I know the plans that I have for you, plans to prosper and not to harm you, plans for a hope and a future.”

Everything happens at His time. And everything serves its purpose. After a breakdown, I need to get back up and submit everything to His stead.

I can’t conduct my own orchestra. God is the best conductor in my orchestra and I am just the audience applauding in His ways.

I cannot hold on to the flowers I tend for myself anymore. With God’s sufficient grace, He would grow the best of all gardens in His perfect time (TGIF on Ezekiel 12 – God of Perfect Timing).




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